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About Us

It starts with a passion to deliver the most intuitive, cost effective real estate and business CRM

At Mantis Technologies, we have been developing custom built web applications for businesses in the real estate and ecommerce industries since mid 2000.

After many years of developing custom built CRM's, we noticed which tools the best real estate agents and business brokers really need and at the same time, we noticed how far ahead the technology was for ecommerce for producing sales and building relationships with customers.

In 2017, we then launched the first version of MantisProperty which was an easy to use listing management and bulk uploader with email marketing functionality. Since then we have been fortunate enough to have worked along side agents all over Australia and New Zealand to identify ways to help them run their agencies more efficiently and to ramp up their leads and sales.

In December 2019, we then re-launched MantisProperty with a large range of new features such as automated workflows, sms marketing, a new improved interface and much more. At this time we also heard from Agents how they were frustrated that other real estate CRM's charged hundreds of dollars a month and then charged extra for extra logins, extra features etc.. essentially increasing the monthly fees as the agency grew. With this in mind, we made a promise to charge a single affordable flat fee while continuing to innovate and keep MantisProperty at the cutting edge of technology..

MantisProperty is now a system that we guarantee is less expensive and easier to use than all the other real estate CRM's on the market. It's a bold statement but is a promise we are passionate about to give you, the agent or broker, the very best tools in an interface that's intuitive for a fraction of the price of other CRM's.

Driving technology forward

At Mantis Technologies, we are a team of innovative software developers with decades of experience in developing user friendly web applications that help businesses run more efficiently. We are passionate about technology and are constantly working on MantisProperty to utilize the very latest in technology and online marketing techniques.

As a small and nimble web application developer, we are able to quickly identify, test and implement the latest technologies to ensure your agency has all the cutting edge tools it needs to outsmart and outperform your competition which impressing your vendors, tenants and investors.

Usability is key

One of the biggest complaints we hear from agents using other CRM's is how difficult they are to use. Because of this, many agents simply do not use most of the features of their CRM as they don't have the time to book in lengthy and boring training sessions and find it hard to navigate around old, clunky interfaces.

Unlike other real estate CRMs, MantisProperty will never feel old and clunky. In fact most of the agents that change over from other real estate CRM's often remark that they find MantisProperty to be extremely intuitive and by far the easiest CRM to use.

We also back this up with the ongoing production of easy to follow tutorial videos that walk you and your team step by step how to use all the fantastic features of MantisProperty.

"I can’t believe the fantastic support we have had from you setting us up and settling us into Mantis Property.
This has been the best support and service we have ever experienced, and we all wanted to let you know."

- Alan Stott, Rosehill Realty

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