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It starts with a passion to deliver the most intuitive and cost-effective real estate and business CRM in the industry - and it ends with a promise to do just that!Mantis Technologies have been developing custom-built web applications for businesses in the real estate and ecommerce industries since mid 2000.


Our years of experience in developing custom-built CRMs has equipped us with a valuable understanding of exactly what tools best serve real estate agents and business brokers. Combine this with our knowledge of innovative ecommerce technologies that are geared specifically towards producing sales and building customer relationships, and you can understand how we give our clients the competitive edge.

In 2017 we rolled together this know-how and expertise to produce the first version of MantisProperty, which featured our easy-to-use listings manager with bulk uploading and email marketing functionality. We are perfectionists at heart, so naturally we didn’t stop there. Over the next two years we worked alongside agents across Australia and New Zealand to discover more opportunities that could help agencies run more efficiently whilst further ramping up their leads and sales… and that’s exactly what we found!

Come December 2019, we successfully relaunched MantisProperty, complete with automated workflow features, SMS marketing, a new and improved interface and so much more! We even tackled the frustration of hidden fees which was voiced to us by many agents who were tired of outlaying hundreds a month for real estate CRMs, only to be hit with sneaky fees for extra logins or added features. With this in mind, we made a promise to charge a single, affordable flat fee whilst continuing to provide an innovative platform with cutting edge technology.

We can now confidently guarantee that MantisProperty is the most affordable and user-friendly real estate CRM on the market. It may sound like a bold statement, but it’s one we are willing to stand behind. At MantisProperty we are a team passionate about our promise, our promise to deliver a real estate CRM that combines the best tools in the industry, with an intuitive interface that comes at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Driving Technology Forward

At Mantis Technologies, we are a team of innovative software developers with decades of experience in developing user-friendly web applications that help businesses run more efficiently. We are passionate about technology and are constantly working on MantisProperty to utilise the very latest in technology and online marketing techniques.

As a small and nimble web application developer, we are able to quickly identify, test and implement the latest technologies to ensure your agency has all the cutting edge tools it needs to outsmart and outperform your competition whilst impressing your vendors, tenants and investors.

Usability Is Key

One of the biggest complaints we hear from agents using other CRMs, is how difficult they are to use. Many agents are not using CRM features to their full potential, as they simply don't have the time to book in lengthy (and often boring!) training sessions, not to mention the difficulty of navigating around old, clunky interfaces.

MantisProperty will never feel old and clunky. In fact, most of the agents that change over from other real estate CRMs often remark that MantisProperty is extremely intuitive and by far the easiest CRM to use. Mantis Property also allows you to easily manage all your listings, enquiries, contacts and marketing whilst on the go, with our fully functional IOS and Android apps. 

Let us add just one more promise to our already impressive list of guarantees: we will never leave you high and dry! We are committed to ongoing production of easy-to-follow tutorial videos that walk you and your team step-by-step through how to use all the fantastic features of MantisProperty, as well as providing ongoing support to help you truly optimise your business.


Finalist in the Australian PropTech Awards 2023

The Ultimate CRM for Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers

$0 setup fee. 7 day a week support. Unlimited users. No lock in contracts.

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