Free Real Estate / Business Wix App

MantisProperty is the only real estate and business CRM on the market that comes with a completely FREE app for Wix.

This plugin takes less than 5 minutes to install and requires no technical knowledge or coding at all!

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to install and configure the app for your Wix website.

Please note : You must have a current active subscription to MantisProperty in order to install and use the Wix App.

Customisation Notes

Wix has limitations on what apps can do within their infrastructure so there are a few settings you need to update once you install the app.
Once you have installed the MantisProperty Wix app, follow these steps:
  • Open the toolbar from topbar menu tools and set the width: 1200px and height 25000px
  • Once done click mobile from top menu bar
  • Now set just the height 25000px
  • Save the updates and make the site public

Once this has been done, your Wix website will automatically display your listings from your MantisProperty account. Any enquiries made on listings in your site will then be emailed to you if you are on the gold plan or they will come in to the CRM and be processed as new enquiries if you are on the platinum or elite plans.
If you are on the platinum or elite plan, new enquiries can be set to be emailed to you, sent via SMS and you can also set up auto responders and automated workflows to be triggered when a new enquiry comes in.

"I can’t believe the fantastic support we have had from you setting us up and settling us into Mantis Property.
This has been the best support and service we have ever experienced, and we all wanted to let you know."

- Alan Stott, Rosehill Realty

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