5 ways to generate more interest in your listings

5 easy ways to save time and generate more interest in your listings

Apart from being a very easy to use Real Estate CRM, MantisProperty also has some incredibly powerful and easy to use features that are designed to save you time while helping you generate more interest in your listings.


Check out our list below of 5 easy ways to save time and generate more interest in your listings


#1 Automated New Listing and Open Home Alerts

Automatically let your contacts know as soon as relevant properties hit the market!

Let relevant contacts know when open homes are coming up for listings they will be interested in.


The property alerts and open homes alerts system in MantisProperty uses advanced AI and easy to use automation to identify and send relevant listings to relevant contacts automatically. This can be easily configured to send daily updates of new listings or send specific new listing announcements to contacts based on their requirements (or send to your entire database if you wish).


Alerts can be configured to be sent daily or weekly and a time and day that you wish.


#2 Contactless QR Code open home check in

MantisProperty includes a built-in contactless QR Code open home / inspection check in feature.


The way it works is you bring up an inspection time and you can then generate a QR Code check-in sheet to print and take to the open home. Visitors then scan on their phone and check-in.. just like they do at restaurants and other places that have QR Code contact tracing.


When your visitors check-in, they are automatically recorded as an attendee of the open home and will automatically show on vendor reports. You can also record notes easily for each of the visitors which will also show on vendor reports.


#3 Send an email to everyone that has enquired about AND attended an inspection of a specific listing

Say you have a price change or a listing has sold or had an offer and you want to quickly let everyone interested in that listing know...


MantisProperty allows you to do this quickly and easily by sending an email to everyone that has enquired about or attended an open home of a specific listing. Watch the video below to see how easy this is to do...


#4 Autoresponders

Did you know that by setting up autoresponders on your listings, you can increase your engagement by over 75%?


In case you are unaware, an Autoresponder is a script that automates an email or sms to be sent to a prospect when they make an enquiry on a listing or attend an open home or inspection.


We have made it nice and easy to set up autoresponders for your listings in MantisProperty and in this video, we show you, step by step, how to set these up.


#5 Syncing your email accounts and calendar

MantisProperty has a time-saving feature that allows you to automatically sync your emails with your contacts. 


Simply connect MantisProperty to one or more email accounts and it will scan for any new incoming or outgoing emails that match any of your contacts. If it finds any matches, it will then save these emails (including attachments) on the contact.


Whenever you look up a contact, simply click the email history tab and you can see any emails sent to or received from the contact. You can even search email history for any words in the subject line or body of the emails and you can narrow down searches to emails sent or received within a specific date range.


If you use Gmail or Office365 as your email provider, you can also sync your MantisProperty calendar. This means that any appointments, inspections, etc. entered into your MantisProperty calendar will automatically appear in your Gmail or Office365 calendar.


Administrators can also set up permissions for salespeople so that they can see all correspondence between contacts and all salespeople in the office or only their own correspondence. Best of all, this feature does not require any 3rd party apps or plugins. Simply enter your email login details into MantisProperty and it starts working straight away!


Please note : This feature is only available in the Elite plan.

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