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Unleashing Team Power: The Crucial CRM Ingredients For Superior Real Estate Team Management

In the dynamic realm of real estate, effective team management holds the key to triumph. In the quest for streamlined operations, amplified collaboration, and skyrocketing productivity, savvy real estate agencies are turning to cutting-edge CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. These digital powerhouses pack a punch, offering a range of team management facilities that supercharge efficiency and orchestrate seamless coordination.

But amidst the sea of options, what sets good team management software apart from the truly great? Keep reading and we will show you 11 CRM features that have the power to transform a mere real estate CRM into an indispensable force for your agency’s team management.


Customisable User Accounts

One of the standout features of a reliable real estate CRM is the ability to create unlimited user accounts. This allows a real estate agency to tailor the software to match their team's unique workflow, rather than forcing their office to conform to rigid software requirements. Whether you have a small team or a large organisation, you want a CRM that can be customised to accommodate everyone's needs and preferences.


Access Control

Look for a CRM that enables you to specify access levels for different users, granting them permission to view and interact with specific features. Different agents will need access to trust accounts, admin-only functions, or other sensitive areas of the system. A feature like this ensures that users can focus on their designated responsibilities without compromising data integrity or security.


Web Developer Access

Real estate agencies often work closely with web developers to integrate their CRM with their websites. A good real estate CRM will allow you to provide your web developer with special access that allows them to perform necessary tasks without accessing confidential information. This streamlined collaboration ensures smooth website integration while safeguarding sensitive data.


Trust Account Access for External Auditors

Real estate agencies frequently undergo audits by external entities to ensure compliance and financial accuracy. A real estate CRM with dedicated "trust account" access for auditors simplifies the audit process, by allowing them to securely access the necessary information without requiring broader system access.


Property Management Access

Property managers play a vital role in real estate operations, and a CRM tailored specifically for the industry recognises this. A good purpose-built real estate CRM will provide property managers with their own dedicated access, allowing them to efficiently handle property-related tasks, track maintenance requests, and oversee tenant communications.


Listing Publication Control

To maintain quality control and ensure accurate property information, you want a real estate CRM that offers the option to restrict specific salespeople from automatically publishing listings. Instead, they can create listings and submit them for office approval before being published. This feature allows managers to review and optimise listings, ensuring consistency and adherence to agency standards.


Flexible Contact And Listing Access

Every real estate agency has unique office procedures and workflows. A good CRM accommodates these variations by offering flexible access options for contacts and listings. You want a CRM that can be configured to either restrict users to viewing only their own contacts and listings, or with the option of granting access to view everyone's. This customisation empowers agencies to set up the CRM to align with their office's specific environment and needs.


Robust Security Measures

Data security is paramount in the real estate industry, so look for a reliable CRM that prioritises safeguarding sensitive information. You want features such as two-factor authentication and "remember device" options to ensure highly secure user access. This reduces the risk of unauthorised access and helps protect against potential data breaches.


Activity Tracking

Transparency and accountability are essential for effective team management. A good real estate CRM keeps track of user activity on listings, enabling managers to identify who made changes to listings and when. This feature fosters transparency, streamlines collaboration, and simplifies communication within the team.


Seamless Email Integration

Effective communication and organisation are key to real estate success. A CRM that seamlessly connects to users' email accounts is a game-changer. Look for software that automatically syncs email conversations with contacts, ensuring that all interactions are recorded within the CRM. Additionally, you want a CRM that can display appointments and reminders in a users' phone calendar, keeping the team informed and on schedule.


 Profile Integration

Personalisation is essential in the real estate industry, where building relationships is paramount. A top-notch real estate CRM will allow users to store their photo and profile information, which can be automatically incorporated into digital proposals. This not only adds a professional touch to communications but also helps establish a stronger connection with clients.


Feature Of The Week: Real Estate Team Management

MantisProperty’s robust real estate CRM brings a multitude of team management facilities to life, helping to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and promote collaboration within your agency. From customisable user accounts and access control to specialised permissions for web developers, auditors, and property managers, these features empower your team to work seamlessly and optimise their productivity.


By implementing a real estate CRM with these team management facilities, you can optimise your agency's operations, improve collaboration, and drive greater success. 


Whether you have a small team or a large organisation, the benefits of a real estate CRM extend beyond just managing contacts and listings - it becomes an invaluable tool that empowers your team to achieve their full potential.


If you’re ready to embrace the power of team management facilities within a game-changing real estate CRM, and unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and success in your team, then it’s time to check out MantisProperty's ultimate CRM solution today: 

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