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Simplifying Workflows and Closing Deals: Why A Real Estate CRM With Email and Calendar Integration Is The Key To Success

In the whirlwind world of real estate, organisation and efficient client management are the keys to triumph. From chasing leads to orchestrating appointments and balancing calendars, agents face a relentless juggling act. That's where a game-changing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system swoops in, seamlessly integrating email and calendar functions to transform the way busy agents work.


But here's the twist: while countless CRM options tempt agents, very few (we only know of one!) boast email and calendar integration. A powerful combo that turbocharges workflows, slashes time wastage, and cranks up productivity.


In this article, we delve into the empowering capabilities of an industry-specific CRM equipped with email and calendar integration. Discover how this dynamic tool seamlessly weaves together essential communication and scheduling tools, revolutionising the real estate game for busy agents like you.


More Time + Better Client Communication

A CRM with email and calendar integration helps real estate agents buy back precious hours in their day, with one of the key time-saving features being the ability to automatically sync emails with contacts.


Agents can simply connect the CRM to one or more email accounts, allowing the software to scan for new incoming or outgoing emails that match their contacts. Any matches found will be saved within the respective contact's file, including email attachments.


This functionality creates a comprehensive and easily accessible history of all email communications between agents and their contacts. Moreover, the search functionality within the CRM enables agents to locate specific emails quickly. Whether it's searching for a particular keyword, a specific date range, or a combination of criteria, agents can retrieve the information they need with a few clicks. 


Email integration saves valuable time, allows agents to provide personalised and informed service, build stronger relationships with clients, and ensures no important details slip through the cracks.


Greater Team Collaboration + Transparency

Collaboration and transparency are vital in a real estate agency. By granting appropriate permissions, a CRM with email integration allows team members to view correspondence between contacts and salespeople. This facilitates effective collaboration, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and can provide seamless support to clients. 


Agents can easily share information, provide updates, and work together towards achieving their common goals. Such transparency not only enhances teamwork but also contributes to a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.


Seamless + Accurate Scheduling

In addition to email integration, the integration of calendars within a CRM is a game-changer for time management and scheduling for a busy real estate agency. 


Imagine a system where you can create, manage, and track appointments within your CRM, and those appointments seamlessly appear in your personal calendar. No more manually entering things twice, or running the risk of missing an important meeting. 


With calendar integration, agents can keep their schedules up-to-date across multiple platforms. Any changes made within their personal calendars are automatically synced back to the CRM, ensuring accurate and synchronised information at all times. 


This feature helps agents stay organised, avoid scheduling conflicts, and make the most of their valuable time.


Hassle Free Set-Up

The value of a CRM with email and calendar integration is obvious, but perhaps the headache of setting one up has you hesitating. The good news? A CRM with email and calendar integration offers an effortless user experience. 


Unlike other solutions that require additional third-party apps or plugins, an all-in-one CRM system offers a hassle-free setup process. Agents can simply enter their email login details, and the integration begins working immediately. This eliminates the need for complicated configurations, reduces the risk of compatibility issues, and allows agents to get up and running in the blink of an eye.


Feature Of The Week: Email and Calendar Integration

A real estate CRM with email and calendar integration is a game-changer for simplifying workflows and closing deals, and MantisProperty’s CRM is the only one to do this completely seamlessly and automatically.


MantisProperty’s efficient and user-friendly automated email syncing feature is compatible with popular email providers such as Office 365, Gmail, and IMAP accounts, making set-up a breeze.


The integration allows agents to seamlessly sync emails and contacts, search through past communications, and share information that empowers their team to provide exceptional customer service and build strong client relationships. The integration of calendars ensures accurate scheduling, minimises the risk of errors, and maximises time management. With these features combined, agents can streamline their operations, stay organised, and focus on what they do best - closing deals and achieving success in the competitive real estate industry. 


Embracing a CRM with email and calendar integration is not only the key to success, but also a strategic investment in optimising efficiency and driving growth in a rapidly evolving market.


If you are ready to step up your real estate game with the ultimate toolkit for high performing agents and brokers, check out MantisProperty’s solution today: 

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