Appraisals Management

Easily keep track of your appraisals with MantisProperty.

The Appraisals Dashboard gives you instant access to all existing appraisals and their status, whilst allowing you to easily create new appraisals directly from your laptop, phone, tablet or desktop computer.

You can conveniently store documents, record notes and quickly update the status of your appraisals, as well as allow office staff to manage appraisal statuses and other activity via the appraisals dashboard.

In addition to this, you can automatically record and attach appraisals to a contact so that a full overview - including any requested appraisals, status, notes, listing history etc - can be quickly seen when looking up that contact.

  • Take appraisal requests directly from the app
  • Manage the progress of appraisals easily, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple appraisals at once
  • Analyse comprehensive stats on success/rejection rates, etc.
  • Integrate SMS and email marketing systems to allow easy correspondence with your new contacts


"I can’t believe the fantastic support we have had from you setting us up and settling us into Mantis Property.
This has been the best support and service we have ever experienced, and we all wanted to let you know."

- Alan Stott, Rosehill Realty

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