Real Estate Window Display

Real Estate Window Display

The MantisProperty Platinum plan includes an Interactive Real Estate Window Display module that allows listings to be displayed on a TV, monitor or tablet in either your office, during exhibitions, at events… the list goes on.

The MantisProperty Interactive Real Estate Window Display can showcase your active listings in the office window, or go one step further and operate as an interactive touch screen display great for both in the office, or out in the field.

With the added ability to automatically show QR codes for each listing, it’s never been easier for interested parties to view more details on a listing by simply scanning their mobile phone. You can even specify exactly which types of listings you wish to showcase on the window display.

This Interactive Real Estate Window Display feature is a convenient and fool-proof tool for promoting your real estate listings in your office window, or at events, conferences and exhibitions.


"I can’t believe the fantastic support we have had from you setting us up and settling us into Mantis Property.
This has been the best support and service we have ever experienced, and we all wanted to let you know."

- Alan Stott, Rosehill Realty

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