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Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

MantisProperty's automated workflow system works like a digital personal assistant that can be easily configured to perform tasks that run when certain conditions are met.

Put simply, a series of actions can be configured to run after a certain trigger occurs.

Automated workflows can be created and configured to run for your entire office, and can also be created by or for specific agents.

Automated workflows can be programmed to be disabled after running one, be deleted after running once, or to run continuously.

MantisProperty also includes an autoresponder system that allows you to configure email and/or SMS autoresponders to go to contacts once they are added to specific groups, make enquiries about specific listings, or attend open homes of specific listings.


You can set a workflow to run when one or more of the following events occurs:

  • A new contact is created
  • A contact is added to a group
  • A contact attends an open home
  • A contact makes an enquiry on a listing
  • A contact applies for a commercial lease
  • A contact applies for a residential lease
  • A contact becomes a hot buyer
  • A contact becomes a warm buyer
  • A contact becomes a hot tenant
  • A contact becomes a warm tenant
  • A contact becomes a hot vendor
  • A contact becomes a warm vendor
  • A contact becomes a cold contact

  • An appraisal is created
  • An appraisal is sent
  • An appraisal is accepted
  • An appraisal is rejected

  • A new listing goes live
  • A price is changed
  • A listing is under contract
  • A listing is marked as sold or leased
  • A listing is archived/withdrawn

Inspections / Open Homes
  • A new inspection / open home time is created
  • An inspection / open home time has been deleted
  • After an inspection / open home has completed

  • A new contract has been created
  • A contract due date becomes overdue
  • A deposit is received
  • Finance has been approved
  • A contract goes unconditional
  • A contract is settled
  • A contract has been cancelled
  • A contract has been deleted


An endless amount of actions can be set to run on a workflow once the trigger has been activated. Actions can be set to run in a specific order, which can be changed at any time using the drag and drop interface.

The following actions can be configured in a workflow:

  • Wait a specific amount of time e.g.send an email 12 months after a contact has been added or wait a day to send the next email in a series of emails
  • Create a task
  • Send an email
  • Send an SMS
  • Send vendor report e.g. showing all enquiries and open home feedback for a specific listing

Automated workflows allow you to automate common tasks to allow your agency to run more efficiently and free up more time for you to do the things you love.

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