Inspections Dashboard and Check In App

MantisProperty includes an easy-to-use open home and private inspection system that allows you to record open home attendees and private inspections and produce reports for your vendors.

The inspection check-in app also includes the ability to do private inspections, with the details automatically compiled onto vendor reports for your convenience.

MantisProperty also has a QR code generator which will generate a 'scan here to check in'

Autoresponders allow you to configure customised emails and/or SMSs to potential buyers and tenants as soon as they check in to an inspection. This is a proven method that quickly establishes a relationship and helps to further impress your potential clients.

Automated workflows allow you to go one step further by triggering off a series of tasks as soon as people check in or after an open home or private inspection is completed, these tasks can include timed emails, SMSs, follow up reminders and much more.


"I can’t believe the fantastic support we have had from you setting us up and settling us into Mantis Property.
This has been the best support and service we have ever experienced, and we all wanted to let you know."

- Alan Stott, Rosehill Realty

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