Real Estate SMS Marketing

Real Estate and Business SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is shown to have an even higher engagement than email marketing.

Statistics show that when someone receives an SMS, they are often likely to read it immediately. By engaging with your contacts with effective SMS campaigns, you can create extra interest in your listings quickly

The sms marketing system includes the following features:

  • Easily set up sms campaigns to go to your contacts based on specific groups such as buyers, tenants, vendors or any specific group or custom audience you have set up
  • Cost checking tools will alert you in real time how much your campaign will cost in SMS credits
  • Automatic filtering of valid mobile numbers so you only get charged for SMS's that reach their destination
  • Comprehensive statistics to gauge the effectiveness of each campaign
  • Ability to send campaigns immediately or schedule to be sent at any day and time in the future
  • Ability to set agent alerts so they can be texted as soon as new enquiries come in for their listings or when tasks are due so they don't need to constantly check their email
  • You can purchase SMS credits for the whole agency to use and you also have the option of setting it so that each agent has to purchase their own credits which can be used for their own campaigns

When sending SMS's through MantisProperty, they use SMS credits that can be purchased at any time for 12 cents per credit. One credit is used for each SMS and you must prepurchase credits for your account before they can be used.

"I can’t believe the fantastic support we have had from you setting us up and settling us into Mantis Property.
This has been the best support and service we have ever experienced, and we all wanted to let you know."

- Alan Stott, Rosehill Realty

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